realistic sims 4 body presets

With the Sims 4, you can create some truly unique Sims but with presets and custom content, the options are truly endless. And with these amazing body presets, you can make them look even more one-of-a-kind! Whether you want your Sim to be curvy, muscular, or anything in between, there’s a preset for that. So check out this awesome collection of Sims 4 body presets and give your Sims the bodies they deserve!

What Are Sims 4 Body Presets?

If you’ve ever played The Sims 4, you know all about the generic body types that you can choose from when creating sims. Body presets allow you to create more realistic, unique and diverse sims. Essentially Sims body presets will give you more options in terms of body type.

There are so many out there so you can truly create unique characters! For example, you can find presets for thick thighs, curvy, skinny and so much more.

And the best part? Most body mods are completely free, although you can choose to donate to creators to help them out. You can find a ton of free ones on Tumblr and Patreon. Some creators will have exclusive presets or content that are only available for subscribers.

Where Do I Put Sims 4 Body Presets?

Although it may seem a little daunting to make modifications to the game itself, installing presets and custom content is actually really easy. Once you download the presets, all you need to do is just drag it over into the mods folder of your game.

  1. Navigate to the mods folder of your game (this is typically found via Documents > Electronic Arts > Sims 4 > Mods
  2. Drag your mod file over into this folder
  3. Open Sims 4 and in the menu find “game options” and make sure you have “enable mods and custom content” checked

Best Sims 4 Body Presets

Here are the best Sims 4 Body Presets you can download to create more diverse and unique sims. Remember you may have to play around with the body sliders to recreate the same look in the photos and you can always change it up to make certain areas bigger/smaller. The body sliders can help you create even more custom body types for sims.

If you’re looking for a specific type of body mod, most of these are just one or two presets, but there are a few packs that have multiple presets you can use to create a variety of body types for your sims.

1. Gina Body Preset by Gasps in Simlish

sims 4 female body preset

A petite, hourglass body that has a teeny, tiny waist and long, toned legs. This one is more on the extreme side, but works great for those wanting a strong hourglass, petite body mod.

2. Caliope Body Preset by Gasps in Simlish

sims 4 female body mod

This preset features a lean, muscular yet petite body with wider hips and long, toned legs. It has smaller features up top like the arms and chest area.

3. Eenie Meenie Body Preset by Hi-Land

sims 4 thick body preset

A beautiful preset for curvy queens! This one features wider hips and a round butt, plus a little extra tummy and thicker arms.

4. Queen Body Preset By Hi-Land

sims 4 skinny body preset

This preset is slim and lean while still having some petite curves! This one is meant to be used on smaller sims to give them that skinny, lean look. It doesn’t have much muscle definition and has smaller hips, butt and boobs to create a slim sim.

5. Hot Hot Sims 4 Male Body Preset by Hi-Land

sims 4 male body preset

Male sim bodies are definitely lacking! Thankfully many creators have come up with custom content for male sims to create unique male body types just like all the female body presets. Wanting a lean, muscular male body preset for Sims 4? This one is perfect without being over the top or unrealistic looking. This would be a great body type for any kind of trainer, athlete or handy man that needs a muscular looking body.

6. Your Love Body Preset by Hi-Land

I love that we can represent everyone in Sims! This is a pear-shaped body with wide hips, thick thighs and a curvy butt.

7. Don’t Stop Body Preset By Hi-Land

Another realistic and curvy preset that’s ideal for teen-elder sims. It has a gorgeous hourglass shape with bigger hips and thighs. I love this one because it is super realistic and “rounder
looking areas that keep it from looking “perfected” if that makes sense.

8. Gucci Body Preset By Hi-Land

A preset that features a muscular, lean body with a booty! This one is great for those wanting a slimmer body type that still got that junk in the trunk. It does not have a strong hourglass shape, so I think this one is more realistic than some other athletic body presets. It also has some slight ab definition which looks really good.

9. Love To Love You Preset By Hi-Land

sims 4 plus size body preset

The Love To Love You Baby preset is probably one of the most realistic body presets I’ve ever used! It’s plus sized, thick and curvy in all the right places! It features stretch marks, loose/saggy skin and even a little cellulite! It’s more of a pear-shaped body type but it still looks very realistic.

10. Sims 4 Male Body Preset I Like Boys by Hi-Land

sims 4 male body preset

This pack features 5 sims 4 body presets for males that are on the skinner/leaner side. They all have quite a bit of muscle definition and most of the detail is in the upper body (instead of the legs). It’s a great pack for those looking for male body presets.

11. Que Rico Body Preset By Hi-Land

sims 4 thick body mod

A male and female preset to create thick and curvy bodies. This one adds shape and volume to the hips, thighs butt and breasts for females. For males, it creates a thick body type will muscular arms and shoulders and a bigger belly that slightly hangs over the bottoms. This is a great realistic thick body preset!

12. Athletic Body Preset By Lutessasims

If you’re looking for the perfect athletic body preset, this is it! This preset adds volume to the quads and butt while adding definition to the arms, shoulders and calves. It’s the ultimate body preset for personal trainers, body builders or those wanting a lean yet still feminine shape.

13. Set Of Genetics Body Preset by sims3melancholic

Although technically not a body preset, these gorgeous skin highlight overlays will turn any ordinary body into a toned, sexy and irresistible figure! This pack also has eyebrows and contacts to create a custom sim in just a few clicks.

14. Hourglass Body Preset by Valuka 

If you’re wanting a petite hourglass body mod, this one is perfect! It’s definitely on the leaner side and has some great ab definition. Long, lean legs and a tiny waist on this one look great and would be another awesome preset for a dancer, ballerina or personal trainer.

15. Kennie Body Preset by Miiko

sims 4 small body preset

This body is small, petite and fit so it’s perfect for those wanting an athletic figure for creating a trainer or even a ballerina or dancer! It also features slight hip dips (which I love) that help to make this body mod look more realistic.

16. Pear Body Preset by Simandy

sims 4 female body preset

This gorgeous pear shaped preset is perfect used as is – seriously it’s such a gorgeous shape! It’s on the thicker side and looks very realistic. Although it looks great as is, you can also use this preset to create a more plus-sized pear shaped figure.

17. Preset Pack by Dumbaby

This set comes with 4 different presets that range from skinny and petite to thick and curvy. Overall this is a versatile preset pack that can be used on a range of sims, body types and sizes!

18. Kim K Female Body Mod Preset by Angelsbodypresets

sims 4 curvy body preset

Give your sims the iconic Kim K body with an hourglass figure, thick thighs, hips and an even bigger butt. If you’r wanting a perfect body preset, this is a great one to try!

19. Serena Preset By Mikko

Per the creator, this body mod features longer legs and an arched back which makes it more unique. It’s a petite body type but still has realistic features like wider hips.

20. Vanya Skin Preset

I love this preset because it includes the body as well as a skin overlay and blush that can be used on the body or face. This one is great if you’re looking for sims 4 skinny body presets. It’s on the softer side with bigger hips and still looks realistic.

The skin overlay is beautiful and gives a luminous like appearance to the skin while adding definition. The blush can be added to the face as well as different areas of the body like the knees and elbows (and you can change the intensity).

21. Medium Plus Pack by Screaminsnail

This is one of my favorite Sims 4 realistic body presets because it’s unisex and even includes body presets for children and toddlers! As for the bodies, I love how inclusive they are and they even include things like stretch marks and loose skin!

It’s definitely one of the most versatile presets out there, so definitely consider this one if you’re wanting something realistic or plus sized.

22. Body Preset 10 by Marias4

This is probably one of my favorite presets because it’s so realistic and represents many normal female body types! It has wider hips but also features hip dips.

23. Female Body Preset #001 By Goblin-sim

Another realistic and normal body type with a more prominent belly and thighs paired with a slight hip dip and smaller boobs. Normal bodies for the win!

24. Serene Preset by afrosimtricsims

Although this one isn’t super realistic, it’s certainly curvy! Big boobs, hips and thighs paired with an impossibly tiny waist. It’s a great preset if you’re looking for a more dramatic hourglass figure that’s curvy and thick.

25. Assorted Body Presets by ssspringroll

This preset pack is great for those wanting something you can customize to create many different body types for your sims. These are on the smaller, thinner and petite size but you can customize hips, chest, legs, etc to make them slightly curvier. This is one of my favorite sims 4 skinny body presets because it’s very customizable!

26. Body Preset + Poses by algu-sims

This sim body mod features a tiny waist, slim legs, wide hips and a big bust. I love that this pack also comes with poses which are great for photoshoots or showing off that slim body!

27. Sims 4 Female Body Preset by tspelaa

This sims 4 body preset is slim with prominent hips and a small bust. It’s kind of like a very small pear shape. This one is unique because of the feet – per the creator, the feet go slightly inward when walking.

28. Plus Size Body Preset by screaminsnail

This is a great, versatile sims 4 plus size body preset that looks realistic with lots of customization options. You can minimize and maximize fat/muscle to create a truly custom figure for your sims.

29. Curvy Female Body Mod by marias4

This sims 4 body preset pack is perfect for those wanting normal and realistic female body types. It features 3 different presets with hip dips. These range from slimmer to thicker and will look great on teen-elder sims.

30. Child Preset by tspelaa

This is a great preset for children sims. Customizing body types isn’t just for teen or adult sims! This is a great pack to use if you want to change the figure of your child sims.

31. Body Preset by phyous

I love this one because you can create an hourglass shape in all shapes and sizes! From an extra tiny hourglass to a plus sized hourglass figure, this pack is super versatile!

32. Female Body Preset by tspelaa

This realistic sims 4 body preset is one of my absolute favorites because it looks so much like a normal slim body type! It has very wide hips and a slim body, legs, arms, etc. so it’s a petite figure.

33. Slim Body Preset by tspelaa

This ultra-slim and petite body preset is perfect for those looking for a tiny, dainty and small boned figure for your sims. It has an hourglass shape with long, slim legs and a wide thigh gap.

34. Jennifer Body Preset by tspelaa

Although this one isn’t particularly realistic or normal, it’s certainly unique and different! With ultra wide set hips and slim legs, it has a wide thigh gap.

35. Ariella Preset by tspelaa

Although I love realistic bodies being featured in sims, sometimes you want more of a cartoon-ish or unrealistic body type. This one is slim yet curvy with very wide hips and small legs, arms and chest. It’s definitely on the extreme side when it comes to proportions but is a great option for those wanting a truly unique body type.

These Sims 4 Body Presets will help you create more custom and realistic sims.

I’ve been playing Sims for years and I’m a little embarrassed how long it took me to find out about presets and custom content! Once I found out about all the customization you can do with presets, it changed the game (literally!). These Sims 4 body mods are so fun and I love creating new, unique sims instead of using the same generic shapes that come with the game.